Roy Y. Suenaka, Sensei

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Suenaka-Ha Tetsugako-Ho Aikido

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Wadokai Aikido

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Aikido is Self defense for the mind, body and spirit.

Aikido is an extremely effective hand to hand form of self-defense because students are trained to subdue an attacker by using locks, pins and/or throws. Its hand to hand technical roots are based on the sword cutting and pinning motions that are found in ken jujitsu and jujitsu arts respectively. The other aspects that support the effectiveness of Aikido are its circular movements and stance from which the practitioner operates.

Aikido is a martial art that adapts to one's physical condition which is why a top quality athlete or someone with a physical limitation can become an effective practitioner of Aikido.

Aikido is physical fitness. Because you move at your own pace and challenge yourself on many physical levels make an Aikido class a great workout. The Aikido exercises and warm-ups can help to improve core strength and joint flexibility. Interval training methodology makes it a superior cardiovascular activity that burns fat. Aikido is a terrific way to get in shape, lose weight and reduce stress.

Aikido is personal and spiritual growth. Most long-term practitioners (and many beginners as well) use the principles of Aikido for personal growth and spiritual development. The practical and powerful self-defense techniques serve as a springboard for a deeper understanding of human nature. For some practitioners they have developed a clearer of “How they walk the earth as well as affording a greater level of protection for the benefit of a greater good.

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